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Blogger outreach assignment: Brand new product "Shoeps" elastic laces for footwear needs your help!

I was very excited when I found out I would get the chance to get a set of Shoeps for Ryan to try.  Lately, Ryan has had very little interest in tying his shoes.  In the morning, he ties them up and I even come behind him to reinforce the shoes by tying an EXTRA tight knot to be sure the laces stay in place.  By the time I pick him up after school, this is what I find.  I have even cut the laces and tried to tuck them in… nothing worked! 
We got the bright yellow Shoeps and they couldn’t be easier to put on!  I was so excited and Ryan was pumped too!! I threw the laces away!  (realizing how dirty his shoes are in these pics! agh!) 
So here we go, its literally 6 steps to put these on your shoes and you are done! 
These are so easy to put on and there are no more long mornings of tying shoes or worrying about injuries because of possible tripping! Ryan got his shoes on and off in a flash!  I was pumped.  I just wish I had them in more colors.  Our neighbors are all interested in them and with summer coming, its nice not to have to worry about tying shoes all day long while we’re out enjoying the day!

More details about these awesome Shoeps:

*Enhances the fit of the shoes as it contours to the shape of the foot, not constricting like a lace. 
*Once fitted properly, Shoeps should not come undone and no need to undo to take off the shoe. 
*Neatens the appearance of the shoe, streamline and nothing to come undone or trip on. 
*Mix, match and have fun making your shoes stylish or subtle, customize your own look! 
*Great for kids and even elderly who may have trouble with laces. 
*Can be taken off and used on multiple shoes. 
*Fun, functional and fashionable! These can get wet and are easy to clean! 
*Strong and durable! 1 size fits all!


The Shoeps come in a variety of colors!! Very fun and cool! Pass it on! 

Join me! Let’s replace the lace!