This is me and my hubby when we first started dating back in 2005.  Erik and I through work and ironically had our first unofficial date the weekend of Memorial Day and 2 years later were married on Memorial Weekend 2007! 
***EST. 5.26.07***
Our first baby is of the fur family, named Mackie who is an adorable Golden Retriever who also goes by the name of ‘Mae Mae’.  She is an 10yr old puppy and we love her to pieces!!!We were blessed with our first born in 2007, a son named Ryan and again in 2010 with a daughter, Reese and pretty soon after in 2011 with another sweet girl, Rayne.We live in McKinney, Texas and are both working in the Telecom Industry.  Erik is a Program Manager  and I am a Sr. Planner.  Erik graduated from Austin College and I graduated from Texas Tech.Erik is a Cowboys Fan and I am a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan.Erik is the shy one and I am the outspoken one.We are in love and love everything we have in our lives which include our friends, family and most of all, each other!!