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Sidebar ad sponsorships are available through the Johanson Journey!
I am so excited to help you promote and grow your business. I am passionate about spreading the word for companies and stores that work so hard!
Here are a few tid bits about The Johanson Journey
Numbers Reflected are as of August 19, 2013
Blog Subscribers: 534
Page Views: 16,767
Facebook Blog page Followers: 486
Facebook Friends: 607
Twitter Peeps: 1255
Pinterest Followers: 1204
Instagram Followers: 430

I promote all of my blog posts through social media, resulting in increased opportunities for your ads to get viewed!
Please note, these ad spots are limited and are for sidebar ads only (125x125).

If you are interested in a sponsored guest post, giveaway or review, please email me for rates and we can work together to make a connection!
Johanson52607 {at} gmail {dot} com

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