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A Winner from #RE2013!

I am so relieved that 2013 is over and am glad to have had a chance to recap everything with Emmy for our 3rd year together (her 4th year).  I love meeting new people through it and look forward to the next review with a fun look back over 2014!
ReviewExtravaganza 2013FFF
The best part of the reviews is getting a chance to team up with other fellow bloggers who help co-host along side of Emmy.
The HostsF
From Left to Right:(Click on the names to get you to their blog)

Emmy- Emmy Mom One Day At a Time

Shell- Things I Can't Say

Janette- The Johanson Journey

Lourie-CA Girl

Natalie-From Corporate to Domestic

Nicole-Life's a Beach

Kenzie-Life and Lemons

Amy-Involuntary Smiles

The next best part of the reviews is the amazing sponsors and gifts that we are able to reward a few bloggers with!   The suspense is building isn’t it to find out the winners!
Power of Mom's- MOM Organizational System
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In our simple online program, we’ll show you how to clear your counter of “the pile,” organize projects without the stress, set up an effective Weekly Review system, and keep up with the never-ending stream of emails, phone calls, and papers (yes, it’s possible!).

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Sweet Adornment
Hand-stamped Hugs And; Kisses Sterling Silver Pendant 
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Sweet Adornment is a mom and daughter run Etsy shop.  It offers beautiful hand stamped jewelry and keepsakes personalized for you and those you love.  This pendant is a sterling silver pendant, silver filled chain along with the silver heart charm.  Would make an awesome gift for someone you love.

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jijamas- Pajama Set
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This couple met, feel in love and had babies.  As their babies finally started sleeping through the night, they realized that the babies' pajamas played a large part in how they slept, all incredibly soft and comfortable.  So they created a line of incredibly soft pajamas for women made with the same Pima cotton that our kids love to wear, in designs women will want to wear. 

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Thirty-one Retro Metro Wallet and Key Fob
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This cool and casual wallet includes 12 card slots, an interior zipper compartment and stylish snap closer.  It's perfect for teens or moms looking to carry their essentials around town.  This is being offered by Courtney a blogger (at Optimistic Mommy) and Thirty-one consultant.  Thirty-one makes beautiful and long-last purses and accessories.  They come in a variety of colors and styles and would be a perfect gift. 

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2 Autographed Copies of An Altered Existence
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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00069]

Melody Nunez is a blogger, an artist and now a published author! Melody collected antique photos known as cabinet cards that were "orphans" from flea markets and antique stores.  They sparked her imagination and resulted in 14 short stories illustrated with photos "altered" by the author.  I (Emmymom) have read her book and love it!  Melody is giving two copies, both autographed to the lucky winners. 

Find Melody Here: Blog//Facebook//Twitter//Art Program

Gift Certificate to Shadow Rouge Originals Etsy Shop
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Shadow Rouge Originals features handmade jewelry with enchanting chainmaille designs with a modern twist.  Heather, of Shadow Rouge Originals, offers bracelets, necklaces and pendants.  She is offering a $25 gift certificate to her esty shop so the winner can pick which piece they love best.

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Chalk-art is all the rage these days and Amanda of Motivated Decor not only makes beautiful chalk art but does it with a purpose.  All of her products contain quotes that can help motivate us all in each key area of life. She wants to help us feel motivated in some way to make improvements in your life. These art pieces will be the perfect subtle reminder to kick start your day!  This will be more than just the digital file to download, she will send the winner the chalk-art of their choice printed.

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Keslie, an independent Rodan + Fields Consultant is giving away a Mini Facial and Lip Dermabrasion.
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Every home needs beautiful artwork and Christine of Ephemeral Moments takes beautiful calming nature shots that would be beautiful decor in any home.  She is offering the winner their choice of either an 8X10, 2 5X7's or 2 4X6's of a piece they love. 

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My So Called Chaos- Original Nail Polish Art
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10nail art

Miss Angie's etsy shop is filled with lovely handmade art and accessories filled with heart!  She specializes in watercolor and ink prints of simple every day items that bring a spark of whimsy to art. She is offering 2 4X6 Nail Polish Arts.

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Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop Gift Certificate 
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Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop offers Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillows, Tooth Fairy Letters, Tooth Fairy gifts and other handmade, happy gifts for kids!  These adorable pillows will make the tooth-fairy's job a lot easier at night.  Jen is offering a $25 gift certificate to her etsy shop. 

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Kim Cannon Illustrations Print
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Kim is an aspiring children's book illustrator with ample experience in the visual arts field.  She aims to evoke both an emotion and a personal narrative with every image she creates.  Kim has a passion for art and strongly believes that it needs a stronger voice in the education system and she hopes to be able to incorporate these beliefs into her classroom.  Her illustration are her source of income and support for her education.

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Your Charmed Life -Personalized Hand Stamped Bracelet
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Kelly of Your Charmed Life Etsy shop uses all types of metals, from sterling silver, brass and copper. Boosting the charms with textures and dings, oxidizing and wool brushing for that marked rustic look. YOURCHARMEDLIFE, is all about YOU and your custom CHARMS.   Kelly is offering a beautiful personalized stamp bracelet. 

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And Finally
$25 Starbucks gift card- donated by our own Janette 
Grand Prize



$20 Amazon Gift Card- donated by our own Lourie
Grand Prize

The Grand Prize Winner is......  VandyJ of the Testosterone Three and Me

The Runner Up is..... Mindi of Simply Stavish

Thank you to all who participated and all of our amazing sponsors!   Thanks to Emmy for all her hard work to put this together!!

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Predictions for 2014

Last year I came up with a list of hopes and wishes for 2013.  Some of them came true and others did not.  I thought I’d take a new spin on the predictions and see if the Chinese Astrology outlook had any truth to it.  Our photographer and her husband were telling me about it and it looked really interesting.  I was mostly interested because she pointed out that 2013 was not a great year for me and that per the outlook, 2014 looked like a great year for me.  

Per the Zodiac, I am a Snake in the year of the Horse.

The career luck, money luck and people relationship will be good. Year of Horse is the time to re-boot your life. Snake people need to learn from Horse, move faster and even fly higher to move up your level of life for yourself and family.

Career: Your hardship, discipline and cultivation from the previous year bring you good results this year. 2014 is Wooden Horse year. Wood is related to Snake's education and Intelligence. Snake people will become much smarter. Since your people relationship will be good, a career promotion is possible. Also, the Salary Star appears in 2014, your pay is not only stable, the salary raise will come.

Money: Snake people have slow income last year. In 2014, Snake people have very good career luck. The career position brings people the fixed and stable income.  Snake people also have clear mind and creative idea in the year of Horse. They can start a new project or new investment to pursuit their wealth in 2014. Since Salary Star comes toward you, you can try on any job opportunity for better pay. In short, you must earn money from your wisdom. To gamble a risky investment without using brain is still danger. Male Snake people will do better investment and know how to earn money easier and quicker than Female Snake people in 2014.

Love: In Chinese horoscopes, Horse and Snake have attraction relationship because of Fire. Also, Horse brings a Romantic Star to Snake people in 2014. Therefore, the love relationship of Snake people must be great this year.  If you are married, then you will have a wonderful marriage life in 2014.

Health: There is a slight illness sign showing in 2014. That shouldn't create a big issue. As long as Snake people have good habit of enough sleep, right eating, proper exercise and good sanitation in your daily life, they will recover their health quickly when any small illness occurs.

2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Horse is Fire and Wood helps Fire to burn longer. Snake is Fire, too. The Fire is too strong in 2014. It's possible that Snake people have too much Fire or too less Water in 2014. Too much Fire will cause problem in cardiovascular system. Too less Water will cause problem in urinary system.

Interesting right?  Lets see if any of that shakes loose and becomes truth, shall we? 

Other personal goals or wishes to add (mostly add on’s from what didn’t come true last year):
*We will have sold our land in McKinney
We will get into a routine of working out and Erik and I will both lose 20lbs or more EACH.
Reese will move up in her gymnastics class
*Rayne will start gymnastics with her sister
*Ryan will find a new sport that he loves and sticks with


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#RE2013 Review Extravaganza Q4

And just like that, we’re at the final part of our yearly review, recapping October, November and December. 

Grab a button and lets get started.
ReviewExtravaganza 2013FFF

You can still join in this week and just recap the entire year.  This time you will have until Friday the 3rd to link up for this final review as this is a busy holiday week for all.
When you do recap, you can enter to be one of the two winners of over $600 in prizes!  Rules & Prize Details

Very fun time planning a work and neighborhood
Booing that worked out very well.
We had a very hard time finding the
perfect costume for Rayne but worked out in the end as it always does!
Halloween Composite
We got to visit our traditional
Pumpkin patch too!
It was a rather quiet month around here on the blog.  I did share a few pictures of the kids from our family picture outing and called it
“This Moment”…. just reflecting on the moment I want to treasure for all time.
The other highlight to November is the annual
Pinterest Party that I get to go to!  It was so amazing and I can’t wait for next years!
This month we have been doing all of our reviews, but in the middle I have answered a few
Christmas Q&A’s!
We also had a great visit with
Hope you all have had fun looking back over the year!  I’ll be sharing my predictions for 2014 in another post!

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#RE2013 Review Extravaganza Q2

Welcome to another fun Review Extravaganza where I team up with a handful of other bloggers, including YOU to recap our year by quarters.  I’m eager to see how everyone’s year has turned out.  I am so excited to make it to the last week where we make predictions for next year!  This week we will be recapping April, May & June.  Grab a button and lets get started.
ReviewExtravaganza 2013FFF
Just a reminder about the Rules & Prize Details
Ahh… my sweet Rayne was showing how she says “I love you”… she still does this many months later.  I shared this with my other 9 things to smile about in Emmy’s link party!
I shared how easily I am influenced by products I love
here and a picture to prove it!IMG_0005
Agh, it pains me to even read the post, but we lost our sweet dog Mackie and I share about her
Miss that sweet baby girl.
Took out kids on our
first beach trip for our 6th wedding anniversary!
Remembering our

Ryan also got into
And Reese gave
Dance a try:
Huge Birthday month in our family…. My Dad and Erik and
Reese are all June Babies!
The Johanson Journey Dora Invite
We got a new puppy and named him
It was also
Father’s Day so we made some signs and took some fun pictures!
We all got some style and I wrote my first
What We Wore Wednesday Post with the kids posing!
Want to learn a bit about me?  You can read them
here with my ABC’s about me!
Makes me long for the spring time seeing these old posts!!  So now its your turn!! Share your April, May & June and link up with us! 
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